A debate on nature vs nurture should shift its focus on their interaction

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Nature versus nurture

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Accommodation and related risk factors associated with myopia progression and their interaction with treatment in COMET. Because of nature as well as because of prior nurture experiences people will then change in reaction to another nurture experience in different ways.

You could also have what would in 90% of cases lead to one outcome blunted away by the nurture factors explaining some of the other 10%. Nature versus nurture's wiki: The long-running nature vs nurture debate is about whether human behaviour is determined by the environment, either prenatal or during a.

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nature vs. nurture debate-essentialism (nature) vs. constructivism (nurture) -Skinner said psychology should focus on the scientific study of behavior.

An underresearched area, while the nature vs. nurture debate has raged, is the contribution of interactions between genetics and environment on IQ variance. In the overfocus on nature vs. nurture issues, the attempts to estimate the relative contribution rests on the somewhat naive notion that there is a constant, true value.

Mar 01,  · Although scientists have made clear their interactive relationship (e.g., Moore, ), we suspect that, given the cognitive complexity of the concept of “interaction” and the longstanding dominance of the “nature versus nurture” model in popular accounts (e.g., Booth, ), genetic and environmental causes will be seen in opposition.

A debate on nature vs nurture should shift its focus on their interaction
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