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Mark Mikelat, President of Building Aspirations provides marketing strategy consulting via management, training, and mentoring. Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations & Results.

SOAR is a strategy formulation and planning framework that allows an organization to plan its most preferred future. The Oke Woodsmith Collection.

By choice, Oke Woodsmith builds only a very few, very select homes each year. And no two are the same. That's because we believe each custom home should not only reflect the specific tastes, character, and aspirations of its owners; it should also be a superbly appointed masterpiece with classic features that stand the test of time.

Child-adult relationships that are responsive and attentive—with lots of back and forth interactions—build a strong foundation in a child’s brain for all future learning and development. This is called “serve and return,” and it takes two to play!

Follow these 5 steps to practice serve and return with your child. 8 websites which suck raging hurricane farts. Idea inspired by this quote from a Macromedia employee.

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