Chronic illness epilepsy

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Depression is a real illness. Treatment can help you live to the fullest extent possible, even when you have another illness. It is common to feel sad or discouraged after a heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, or if you are trying to manage a chronic condition like pain.

Dec 16,  · My name is Sammi jane and I suffer from a chronic illness. My chronic illlness, Epilepsy, has affected my life and who I am as a person in so many ways. I couldnt imagine being able to. Chronic Illness Alliance Peer Supporters’ Network.

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The Peer Supporters’ Network (PSN) is a forum for people who work in peer support to share information and knowledge, network, support each other, and strengthen peer support programs. Levetiracetam is an intermediate release form. See the Levetiracetam ER or Keppra XR for specific instructions on dosing of the slow or extended-release form.

Directory of Chronic Illness Alliance Members’ Web Sites. NB: The links to the members’ websites will open up in a new window. Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria.

Chronic condition

Epilepsy is the most common serious brain disorder in the world. Current estimates suggest that overVictorians will have epilepsy before the age of 70 (approximately 3% of the population). Epilepsy is a tendency to have recurrent seizures.

Chronic illness epilepsy
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