Ergonomics research project

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Methods[ edit ] Concerning recently, methods used to match human factors and ergonomics ranged from practice questionnaires to more complex and seasoned usability labs. A series of 21 podcasts from the Annual International Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are available for you to listen to and view.

Workplace Ergonomics 101

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Human Factors/Ergonomics MS Program

LIST!OFTOPICS!ON!ERGONOMICS!FOR SEMINARS,!MASTER’S!AND!PHD. Ergonomics Research Project Introduction The definition of ergonomics is the law of work and the relationship between people and their working environments.


In Greek, ergo means "work" and nomos means "law", so this is an appropriate meaning to the word "ergonomics" according to Greek roots. Our major research areas are injury prevention, product design and evaluation, and developing ergonomic guidelines.

Our research has been applied to healthcare, office, and music sectors.

Human factors and ergonomics

The objective of this project is to evaluate the muscle activity and joint net. All fields are required. Sign in; Research My Account. Sign In; Here to Help. Contact Us. Keeping People healthy, injury-free and productive.

Safety Circle India, a 14 year old organization, specializes in Audits, Trainings and provides consultancy in Health & Safety.

Ergonomics research project
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