I wish i married rich

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I Wish I Married Rich Paper

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I Wish I Married A Rich Man

The building of a 's wardrobe. The five-year plan. Year One and Two; Year Three; Year Four; Year Five. Hey, folks. It’s Monday morning, just over twelve hours after the Rich Mullins tribute show ended.

It was, for everyone involved, an unforgettable experience. A while back, a woman reached out to me through my TFD email to talk about how happy she was to see a website where young women could talk about personal finance in a real and honest way.

“I wish that this had been around before I got married — but there wasn’t even internet when I got. Do you ever wish you'd married a rich man, just like your mother always told you to? I know I do. Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband, but there are days when I long for a knight with a shining.

Nothing less. But we’ve always been rich. We began our married career with a whole lot of love and not much of a bank account balance or income.

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He was still in school and I worked two jobs. They have made us rich in ways we maybe didn’t contemplate, but are glad for today. Do I wish I had a million dollars in the bank? Absolutely. The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the happy wish to be married, the married wish to be dead.

Ann Landers ( – ) advice columnist. Marriage People Wealth. Among the propensities of humans which almost exceed understanding come the parsimony of the rich .

I wish i married rich
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