Industrial age to knowledge age

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Industrial Age to Knowledge Age

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Information Age

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Industrial Age Education Is a Disservice to Students

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Industrial Age

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Information Age

In Industrial Age (20th century) societies, on the other hand, people needed different, more abstract – or ‘know what’ – kinds of knowledge. Schools were set up to deliver this kind of knowledge to the young, and mass education began.

Industrial Age to Knowledge Age ITEM 1: PART 1: ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SETTING: DRAWING ON THE ACTIVITIES AND REFLECTIONS The world is at the cusp of an information age. These changes have catapulted the industrial age into a knowledge age. Mar 28,  · Industrial Age Education Is a Disservice to Students We've all seen teachers assign texts and say, 'There will be a test to follow.' This is how the system is set up -- but it's not the kind of.

This new age is about an economy where knowledge is a core commodity and the rapid production of knowledge and innovation is critical to organizational survival (Bettis & Hitt, ; Boisot, ). Like the Industrial Revolution and most historical periods, the Information Revolution wasn't as abrupt a cataclysm as the name might suggest.

Industrial Age to Knowledge Age

Rather, what became known as the Information Revolution, although largely associated with the closing decades of the 20th century, had direct roots in the thick of the Industrial Age. If You Think We're Still in the Age of Information, Think Again. Published on and from the industrial age to the The bi-product of the Information Age is the speedy spread of knowledge.

Industrial age to knowledge age
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Industrial Age to Knowledge Age