Natural selection lab

Natural Selection: How Evolution Works

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Why everything you've been told about evolution is wrong

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Selective breeding

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The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation

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Natural Selection

Paul Andersen explains how natural selection is a major mechanism in evolution. The video begins with a discussion of Charles Darwin and the details of natural selection.

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Transcript of Natural Selection Lab Procedure The prey will be represented by the small 1 cm × 1 cm squares of paper and the habitat is represented by the 1 meter × 1 meter piece of fabric. Learn about Darwin's theory of natural selection and see if you can create a species that will survive one million years.

Natural selection acts at the level of individuals. It is the individual organism that lives or dies, It is the individual organism that lives or dies, reproduces or fails to reproduce because of its characteristics.

A humorous but powerful tool for simulating evolution. Watch a trait evolve and experiment with the effects of mutation rate and the strength of selection. This activity shows all the steps of natural selection in entertaining style, but generates real simulation data that can be exported or printed.

Summary. The rock pocket mouse is a living example of Darwin’s process of natural selection. Also available in Spanish. Short Films: (Duration: 10 min 25 sec).

Natural selection lab
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Peppered Moth Simulation