Preemptive war

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The Case Against Preemptive War

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These louis are facing enormous pressure. A preemptive war is a war that is commenced in an attempt to repel or defeat a perceived imminent offensive or invasion, or to gain a strategic advantage in an impending (allegedly unavoidable) war shortly before that attack materializes.

It is a war that preemptively 'breaks the peace'. Preventive wars and preemptive strikes are both risky business. A preventive war is a military, diplomatic, and strategic endeavor, aimed at an enemy whom one expects to. Why Preemptive Wars Are Rarely Justified, And This One Cannot Be.

Preventive war

Whether starting a preemptive war is justified in a particular instance is not primarily a question of international law. GOP senator celebrates Bolton’s appointment because it might mean preemptive war "Taking the gloves off.".

Trump interviews 4 Supreme Court candidates, as left wages preemptive war over pick

The second assumption that drove Bush’s willingness to launch a preventive war was the belief that the technological edge held by the U.S. made the costs of war, if not cheap, then at least. Preemptive war is a strike to gain the advantage when an enemy strike is believed to be imminent.

The classic example in recent history is the Arab-Israeli War. Israel was aware that Egypt and Syria where about to invade.

Preemptive war
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