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Visionwith the caption ‘Liberia Rising’, expresses an ambition to move the country away from a model of development based on natural resources, and towards a model based on knowledge.

The welfare of children is not a topic that is limited to the confines of a country border. It is a global concern. The internet directory Cybo has the widest coverage and the most comprehenisive set of contact information to date.

The IPA Liberia Research Manager oversees the staff, projects, and country office of the IPA Sierra Leone & Liberia Country Program These projects include randomized controlled trials, monitoring & evaluations, consultative work with Government of Liberia and NGOs, and dissemination activities.

Liberia has been one of Africa’s most violent trouble spots. Inwhen thousands of teenage fighters, including young men wearing women’s clothing and bizarre objects of decoration, laid siege to the capital, the world took notice.

The Liberia-U.S. clinical research partnership known as PREVAIL has launched a study of people in Liberia who have survived Ebola virus disease (EVD) within the past two years.

Find and compare market research companies working in Liberia. View detailed company profiles from the best research organizations that deliver in Liberia, offering research services and which uphold the ICC/ESOMAR code.

Research liberia
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