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Known as carriers of disease, these creatures are drawn to areas of dense human population where they can easily find food and places to establish nests. Source Swamp Rat is a sewer rat in Dalmatians: The is a shady used-goods dealer and con artist who speaks with a Southern accent.

Appearances Dalmatians: The Series. Swamp Rat is one of the many creatures that live in the swamp that borders the Dearly Farm; though unlike many of the swamp's other creatures, he has taken a keen interest in the outside world and he often.

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The Rat Pack is a term used by the media to refer to an informal group of entertainers centered on the Las Vegas casino scene. Having its origins in a group of friends that met at the Los Angeles home of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, by the s, it was the name used by the press and the general public to refer to a later variation of the group that called itself "the Summit" or "the.

Home > Hispanic gangs. Hispanic Gangs in Los Angeles County. There are about Sureño Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles County representing over 50 percent of the gang membership. “I SAID SQUEEEEK!” — Scaredy Rat, Paper Mario: Color Splash A Scaredy Rat is a white rat creature that first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. appear to have black sclera, red pupils, orange feet and huge buck teeth. They slightly resemble Little name is a pun on the term scaredy cat, which is a childish term for a coward.

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