Thesis research grants

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Dissertation Grant Program

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30 Dissertation Research Fellowships for Doctoral Students

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Travel Grants

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100 Places to Find Funding For Your Research

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Microsoft Research is funding a new academic program, the Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant, offering selected doctoral students doing computing research at U.S.

and Canadian universities up to US $20, to fund their dissertation work. Dissertation Grants. Dissertation research grants of up to $5, support current graduate students whose scholarship focuses on free societies and the ideas, institutions, and values that contribute to maximizing well-being.

Canada Program Undergraduate Thesis Research Grants For Harvard undergraduates only.

Dissertation Grant Program

The Canada Program, funded by the William Lyon Mackenzie King endowment, examines Canadian economic, social, cultural, and political issues in their domestic and international dimensions.

The Geological Society of America: The primary role of the GSA research grants program is to provide partial support of master’s and doctoral thesis research in the geological sciences for graduate students enrolled in universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

Dissertation Research Grants The Graduate School provides $80, each year to fund competitive Graduate School Dissertation Research Grants. This program recognizes the research and accomplishments of our outstanding graduate students and provides funds to assist recipients in completion of their dissertation.

Thesis research grants
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Dissertation Grants